Luigi's Upholstery

    Luigi's Upholstery is a business ran as in the days of old, when a
handshake and a promise where what kept people honest. We still believe
in the customer is always right.

    We've been in the business for 35 years and ain't planning on going
nowhere soon. We come from a long line of upholsterers, my grandfather
ran 'Crites Upholstery' in Howland for over 50 years, and my uncle ran
'Jerry Crites Upholstery' for a good many years. I worked for both shops
many times, for many years.  
Luigi's Upholstery opened 35 years ago (1984),
but has only been open to the public for 19 years (since 1999).

    I've also worked at Value City Furniture where I started as a Service
Person, became the Service Manager and later became the Warehouse
Manager, Floor Manager, and Safety Manager. I learned a great deal about
the new trends in furniture while I was there.

    We were located on State Rt. 305 in Fowler from the time we went public
till 2004. We're now located in Warren, Ohio, from where we do all types of
residential work, office furniture, restaurant furnishings, boats, campers,
motorcycles, churches, and much more. brb
Luigi's Upholstery
will sculpt you a
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