This is my website. I try to keep it in respect to the ways of God. I enjoy the Lord greatly and would invite any and all who also love God and the Lord Jesus to leave their comments or suggestions.
I run a blog for a continuous discussion area on just about any topic at These discussions can get you right into the thick of it, that's for sure. Come join in, you may have a message for us, or we for you, whichever it is, may we be sharpened and uplifted by the experience.
Be sure not to miss our 'did you know' encyclopedia facts, they are filled with great facts right out of the bible, they're fun and will keep you on your toes. Or for other websites around the way, try some of the other sites I have found, I can't say as to whether or not I would agree with the contents of these sites, so please be careful.
Or, see some of my findings on certain topics I thought were relevant for today's living, these reports will take you to different parts of the Bible so you can determine for yourself what it is that the scriptures have to say on these topics. And if you agree or disagree well great, that's why it will be so cool when the Lord comes, then we will know, and agree. God bless you all.




















Jesus' ransom sacrifice

          for Adam


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