Baby Jesus

              Luke 1:23&24 tells us that John (the Baptist) was concieved in the days following Zechariah’s temple duties.

              Zachariah’s temple duties were done during the last half of the forth month, this being the month of Tammuz on the old Jewish calender. You can get this by first of all lookin here at Luke 1:5 and noting that Zachariah was part of the tribe of Abijah. The we’ll find in 1 Chronicles 24:7-11 the temple schedule if you will, seeing that the tribe of Abijah was in the 8th postion; having 24 tribes this puts Abijah’s tribe in the second half of the forth month as noted above, this again being the month of Tammuz. So John was concieved during the first days of Ab, again as stated in Luke 1:23&24.

              So if John was concieved in the first day’s of Ab then Elizabeth’s 6th month would have been (by Hebrew count, counting the first month as the first whole month) Shebat.

              Nisan  = March/April      Tishri  = Sept/Oct

              Lyyar  = April/May      Heshvan = Oct/Nov

              Sivan  = May/June       Chislev = Nov/Dec

              Tammuz = June/July      Tebeth  = Dec/Jan

              Ab     = July/Aug       Shebat  = Jan/Feb

              Elul   = Aug/Sep        Adar    = Feb/March

(This may be a bit more complicated because leap years may add a whole extra month of Adar to the year.)

              So then adding 266 days, which is the number of days it takes to make a baby (, and counting in the Leap year month of Adar II, we find that Jesus had to have been born somewhere between Tishri 3 – Heshvan 6. Now having said this lets note that in Leviticus 23:27 the Day of Atonement was to be celibrated on Tishri 10th, what a better day for the atoneing sacrifice of the world to be born on, but lets continue.

              Now we must find out the year of Jesus’ birth, to do so we’ll use some dates most historians agree upon (Cambridge Ancient History for one) being that as to when Augustus Caesar died being 8/19/14. This means Tiberius Caesar would have had his first regnal year in 15ad. Hence his 15th year would have been in 29ad, this being the year in which John started his mistry work, as descibed in Luke 3:1-3.

              God dont change. So when he said in Numbers 4 that people would start there service when they became 30 years old he ment it. And John was no exception, so in John’s 30th year he began preaching, again this being the year of 29ad. So if John was 30 in 29ad, then John must have been born in 2bc. (If we apply the above calculations to John we can see, not forgeting to add in the leap month, that John was born in the first day’s of Nisan. Noting also Luke 1:57 which states that ‘the days became due’, not that Elizabeth became due or that John became due, but that the DAYS became due. This is the Holy Spirit saying the John was a full term baby, and when the days became 266, he was born. Jesus was born 6 month’s later in the same year, thus Jesus was born on Tishri 10, 2BC.

              Zachariah’s temple duties, then John’s conception, then Jesus’ conception, John’s birthday, then Zachariah’s temple dutys whn he is killed at the alter of God because he wont give up his son, and the death of 93,000, and the death of all the babies, Jesus’s birthday, and Mary’s move into town are some and there’s more in the Book of Mary.

              In John 19:31 were told that the Sunday following Jesus’ death was a ‘great’ Sabbath, this meaning there was a festival with a Sabbath within it. The Jews counting their days as starting at 6pm would have needed to have the whole process finished by that time, so the following day had to have been a friday. Looking back in old calenders one finds that of the years 30 through 34 there is but one yearin which Nisan 14th is followed by a friday, that being Nisan 15, 33AD. So Jesus must have died on Nisan 14, 33AD.

              Mark 15:33,34 says darkness fell upon the land for three hours. This can be proved via Nasa. ( Here you’ll find that on Nisan 14, 33AD there was a partial eclipse lastin 86 minutes.

              So if we agree that Jesus was born on Tishri 10, 2BC and died on Nisan 14, 33AD, then we find Jesus lived for 33 and a half years almost to the day.

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