Luigi's Upholstery has been recovering furniture for 36 years ! It will be
40 years in 2024 !!!

    My grandparents ran 'Crites Upholstery', in Howland, for over 50 years, where I began my career as an upholsterer, but was also the head of the refinishing department. My uncle ran 'Jerry Crites Upholstery' for a good many years also, I worked there in the years following my grandparents retirement as the head upholsterer. 
Luigi's Upholstery opened 36 years ago in 1984. My grandmother restructured her shop and began doing subcontractor work, so Luigi's Upholstery was born, to put bids on jobs, and to get paid as I subcontracted work from 'Crites Upholstery'. She had tried a few different business structures before going out of business as experiments for her son, which I seem to have gleaned from myself. Thanks Granny!

    I worked at Value City Furniture for about 4 years, where I started as a service person, but was soon the Service Department Manager. Soon after that I became the entire Warehouse Manager, including the Service Department, and was the Floor Manager, and Safety Manager of the entire complex. I learned a great deal about the new trends in furniture while I was there.

    In 1999 Luigi's Upholstery open to the public.

    Located on State Rt. 305 in Fowler until 2004, we're now located in Warren, Ohio, from where we do all types of residential upholstery work, office furniture, restaurant furnishings, boats, campers, motor cycles, church pews, and more.
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